The 5 risk classes in the IR System



Risiko: 0%, Sicherheit: 100%

A high rate of return on my investment is not that important.
I would like to take extremely moderate risks. My focus is on value retention.

Tendency towards risk-averse

Risiko: 25%, Sicherheit: 75%

I’d like to have the chance to benefit from moderate returns on my investments.
In doing so, I’m willing to take moderate risks and invest my capital as securely as possible.


Risiko: 50 %, Sicherheit: 50%

My investment should offer the possibility of above-average returns.
I am willing to take higher fluctuation into account and am prepared to take a greater risk of loss.

Tendency towards risk-tolerant

Risiko: 75%, Sicherheit: 25%

I expect a high rate of return on my investments
and accept in return high rates of fluctuation and a high risk of losses.


Risiko: 100%, Sicherheit: 0%

I’d like to have a very high rate of return on my investments
and am prepared to take great fluctuations in value and a very high risk of losses into account.