Our information technology

Investment analysis made easy. Just input your own favorite investments and start to benefit from the collective model stock portfolio’s long-term above-average performance!

Our System offers Social Asset Management with statistical optimization through collective intelligence. Scientifically proved. Supported by the European Union and the germany's federal ministry.

With our Big Data Solution we create an Artificial Intelligence for the Asset Management.

Here thousands of investors provide input independent of one another based on their own investment interests. The Intelligent Recommendations System aggregates these individual opinions and creates collective model stock portfolios in five risk classes. Each investor receives investment recommendations for his particular risk appetite, including a collectively recommended distribution of investments over various asset classes. It has been proven that our unique technology raises the probability of success in selecting investments through its statistical features.

The Intelligent Recommendations System is continuously self-regulating and is highly successful. Since its inception in 2009 the system is outperforming DAX and the MSCI World index whilst maintaining a lower level of volatility (price fluctuations) in comparison to both stock indices. Investors’ collective intelligence thus not only betters private investors’ average yield, but also that of the vast majority of stock funds actively managed by experts in finance.

The algorithms of the IR-System follow scientific rules and are free of emotions which often incite people to bad finance decisions. With the algorithms of our system successful investing is made simple.

Top Performance in the Model Stock Portfolio for July 2023

Current Top Recommendation in the portfolio: +348.01% since July 7, 2017.

New outperfomers you find continuously now in the model stock portolio!

Top Asset Allocation in the Model Stock Portfolio for July 2023

What correlation do I need in my risk class for Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and foreign exchange?The collective anwer you get now in the model stock portolio!